Ben & Bella

I appreciate so much my long time clients that will drive over an hour to come see me.  This family is one of those that I am thankful for.  I met Angela and Jamie a few years back, when Ben was just a newborn, and I have just enjoyed watching him grow up along with his sweet baby sister Bella.  Ben never fails to give me a run for my money, but that part of what makes my job fun!  As long as we’re on his terms and making it seem like play time he’s good to go!  Angela brought her sweet friend along with her and she was a tremendous help as well.  Darling little Bella wanted to do everything big brother was doing…such a big girl!  Wish you guys lived closer!!


The Allen Family

It’s been years since I photographed the Allen family.  In fact, I think their youngest daughter was a newborn!  We met the Allen’s while living in Clarksville, but haven’t seen them in quite some time.  Imagine my surprise when I saw these 4 beautiful kiddos growing up so fast!  I looked back to the first family photo I took of them when Madison was maybe 4 and Faith 2.  Then came pictures of mommy pregnant, and then of sweet little Mark with the girls.  Their album ends with Rebecca as a newborn and the rest is history.  I can’t wait to add these great pictures to complete the book!


Rhett & Hudson

Well, after a reschedule because of cold weather and sickness, it was nice to get out in the 60 degree weather and do a reshoot!  Poor Hudson was not himself our first go round, so his sweet little smile was such a refresher!  These two little guys just turned 3 and were so much fun to play with.  Last time I saw them was at their 1st birthday party and my how they have changed!  I love that everything about them is different yet they’re still twins.  I can imagine what great friends they will be as they grow up!